21 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your To-Do List Today!

Sick of those tasks that seem to never get crossed off your To Do list? Did you know that a Virtual Assistant can help you in more ways than one?

Here’s how:

  1. Schedule your meetings and appointments straight into your calendar
  2. Clear out and organise your inbox
  3. Build your next newsletter campaign
  4. Design and maintain your new company website
  5. Publish and promote your next eBook
  6. Organise your next corporate event
  7. Design and format the slides for your next speaking event
  8. Build a mobile app to help market your business
  9. Transcribe your conference notes
  10. Remind you of important dates and events
  11. Research and book flights and accommodation for your upcoming trip
  12. Keep on top of your bill payments
  13. Create and maintain your Social Media presence
  14. Design a memory book of your recent corporate event
  15. Proofread and edit that next proposal submission
  16. Streamline your electronic filing system
  17. Collate and record your financial transactions for the tax man
  18. Provide project support for your new major client
  19. Update your company Procedure and Training Manuals
  20. Help merge your database to the new CRM system
  21. Set up templates to match your new logo design


So what are you waiting for? Start delegating to The Admin Assistant today!