4 Business Tips You Can Learn From A Rock Star

What does a rock star have to teach us about business? More than you might think.


1. Be The Rock Star

Believe in your own awesomeness. Even if you don’t have the looks, know that you have the talent. You are unique and you use your nonconformity to your advantage. You set your own rules, but remember to stay within the lines. And although you are brilliant at what you do, make sure to check your inflated ego at the door.


2. Thank Your Fans

Think of your customers as your fans; without them you are nothing. You want to treat them well and keep them coming back for more. Connect with your customers so that they continue to buy your merchandise – their loyalty is your paycheck. Remember that your customers are also your free marketing tool who will spread the good (or bad) news about you like wildfire.


3. Your Groupies Love You – Love Them Back

Show your biggest supporters the love; be it your friends, family or complete strangers (no, not in a pervy way). Your groupies are the people that will inspire you, help you no-matter-what and encourage you from the wings to keep doing what you’re doing. Take the time every now and then to let them know their worth.


4. Appreciate Your Bandmates

You know, the people that have probably been there from the beginning. You collaborate together and have built up trust between each other over time. It’s a give and take partnership with a level of mutual respect. Your employees, colleagues, contractors and suppliers need to know how valued they are – tell them.


Have you thought of any of your own Rock Star business tips? Let us know in the comments below.