4 Habits For Working Efficiently & Effectively

Working efficiently and effectively is the ultimate goal in making every minute count. Not only does it improve productivity, but being efficient will also give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that your day has not been wasted.

Time is a limited resource, but is also the one thing that we all have in equal amounts. Adopting habits that help you to make the most of each day will allow you to deliver high quality results with minimum stress. So, here’s how to make the most of your time and focus your energies in the right direction.


1. Prioritise

By setting a schedule and planning ahead, you will be able to clearly see your objectives and tackle the most important things first. Designate time each day to create an action plan for tomorrow. Set yourself deadlines in order to help you commit to your priorities, and to know where you are failing in your time management. Group like tasks together so that you can be in the zone for that activity. And always finish what you start.


2. Focus

Keeping a clean and organised office is not just about being neat and tidy. Doing so actually allows you to be more productive, with less time being wasted looking for things amongst the clutter. Avoid multitasking by minimising distractions and consciously paying attention to only the task at hand. If needed, employ productivity aids to help you to eliminate interruptions and become more focused.


3. Strategise

Stop putting off big tasks by breaking them down into manageable pieces. Making the project less daunting will help to make the whole job quicker and easier to complete. Delegating tasks will not only lighten your workload, but also help you to focus on the work of most value. Do this by setting short- and long-term goals. And keep your skill set up-to-date by making time to develop your qualifications and stay on top of industry trends.


4. Thrive

Fatigue can not only slow output and dull performance, it can also be a serious safety concern. Be sure to take regular breaks and be well rested. Exercise can boost your mood as well as your productivity. Make the effort to exercise regularly and see how much sharper you will be in the office. Finally, motivate yourself by setting personal goals. Give yourself a good reason to be working and you will feel more fulfilled and accomplished. And keep the motivation up by rewarding yourself along the way with humble bonuses.


Being truly effective at work will open you up to more opportunities, and bring you a higher level of satisfaction and happiness. Creating habits in efficiency will give you more time to do the things you love, and help you to love the things you do.


What strategies do you employ to get get the most out of your day? We’d love to know your tips and tricks!