5 (Free) Online Tools I Use Daily

When it comes to making your life easier, the Internet can be a wonderful place to boost productivity (when it’s not trying to rob you of time with distracting cat videos).

So, in no particular order, here are five free online tools that I use on a (almost) daily basis.



This software application is designed for users to schedule posts to social networks. Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, Buffer allows you to post consistently to these networks at set times each day.

Unlike Hootsuite (which I use in conjunction with Buffer), this app lets you chose the times you want to post in advance, and will then queue up the information you provide to be sent automatically throughout the day.



Feedly is a news aggregator that allows you to compile custom news feeds from various sources. Available in web browser applications and in mobile apps, it is the perfect place to catch up on news or generate content.

Feedly organises your favourite websites into a one-stop shop of minimalist design with a personalised interface. This saves you the effort of having to trawl through multiple sites for information, and allows you to filter and scan only the most relevant posts to you.



Pixlr is a cloud-based image-editing tool that is designed for non-professionals. It has a number of built-in utilities that allow for quick and easy editing of images on the fly.

Pixlr has become hugely popular, and has both browser extensions and mobiles apps available, none of which require prior registration.


E.gg Timer

This simple tool is fairly self-explanatory. It is an easy-to-use online countdown timer. The time variables are built into the URL, which means you can easily bookmark a common countdown for repeated use.

E.gg Timer also has a couple of cute special timers available too, like a Morning timer to get your blood pumping or a Brushteeth timer for, well, you know.



Bitly is the largest link-sharing platform on the web. It offers a link shortening and bookmarking service that allows users to create custom short URLs for easy sharing and tracking.

With numerous integrated tools, Bitly is also a great way to view and analyse real-time data on who is using and sharing your generated links.


*Views expressed are my own. No affiliate payments received.


Which online tools are indispensable to you? We’d love to know!