5 (More) Online Tools I Use Daily

About a year ago I shared with you five of my favourite online tools that I use on a daily basis. Twelve months down the track, here are five more free tools to help get you through your working day.



Hootsuite is the go-to app for brand management on Social Media. The pain of cross-platform promotion is eased by allowing users to monitor and manage a whole host of accounts via an integrated dashboard.

Hootsuite operates on a freemium model, with plenty of usability available for small businesses on their free account tier. And, it also offers a ‘university’ program for those looking for increased skills and education.



Canva is my absolute favourite online tool at the moment, and not just because it also hails from Sydney. This online graphic design tool turns anyone into a designer, and is brilliant for creating sharable content online.

With funding from the likes of Lars Rasmussen, and having recently appointed Guy Kawasaki as their Chief Evangelist, this is one start-up that is only going to keep getting bigger and better.



MailChimp is the best email marketing service that I’ve come across, so it’s no surprise that they have over 7 million users worldwide. It is an extremely user-friendly service that allows you to create, send, and track email newsletters - a must for any small business.

MailChimp is another application that operates on a freemium model, and again offers plenty of usability to their free members. And, with fully integrated analytics, it gives you more data than you could poke a stick at.



Created by a Facebook co-founder and an ex-Googler, Asana aims to reinvent how we collaborate. It is a SaaS application designed to enable teamwork without email, and allows you to manage, plan and focus on projects via your browser or mobile device.

As Asana is a task manager for both individuals and groups, I use it to manage projects with my clients, collaborate with other contractors, and to keep on top of my own To Do list. My inbox has never looked smaller.



Although this is a service that I pay for, it was hard to leave Freshbooks off this list, as it is free up until a point. Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting software designed for service providers in the small business arena.

What it awesome about it is the ease and functionality it gives to non-accountants. Freshbooks allows you to easily send invoices, track time, record expenses and run reports at the touch of a button. I couldn’t run my business without it!


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Which online tools are indispensable to you? Share your favourites below!