5 Quick & Easy Steps To Instantly Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy. Making it look professional is a whole other story. Here’s how to take your professional profile from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ in just a couple of steps!


1. Profile Photo

Please, please, please make sure you include a photo! It portrays your professional image online, and is the first thing people will see about you in their LinkedIn newsfeed.

Top Tip: A professional headshot is best, but even a decent one is better than nothing. 


2. Name & Headline

Use your headline as an attention grabber for what you do, and fill it full of keywords that you would like to be found for. Just remember, none of this information should appear where your name is – that is for your name only.

Top Tip: Your name is a proper noun. Make sure it starts with capital letters! 


3. Contact Information

Complete as much information as you can here. In this section, you are also able to customise your LinkedIn profile URL (make it is as simple as possible), as well as customising any website names you may have too.

Top Tip: Select ‘Other’ when entering the type of site for you contact details, and you will then be able to then enter your own link title.


4. Connections

Aim for 501 connections or more on LinkedIn. This will take your publicly viewable connections to 500+ on your profile, which is great for extending your network as well as providing social proof.

Top Tip: People like to connect with well-connected people on LinkedIn. 


5. Background Summary

Create your summary in the first person, and aim it at your target market. This is also another important place to insert your keywords, which will in turn rank you higher in relative search results by other members.

Top Tip: Don’t overdo the placement of your keywords. Do think about what others may be searching for.


Like any social network, LinkedIn still requires you to share content and interact with other users on a regular basis. But by completing the above steps, you will be well on your way to increasing your visibility and professionalism on LinkedIn.


Please feel free to connect with me and check out my personal LinkedIn profile for inspiration. It’s not perfect, but I am booked in to get a headshot taken next month!