5 Ways To Make Your Home Office Awesome!

If you’re setting up a home-based office, or looking to redesign your current one, here are some ways to make that space as productive and functional as possible.


1.    Location, Location, Location

Ensure that you have a designated space for your office, and not just a laptop on the kitchen bench. Whether it’s a loft conversion or a cupboard under the stairs, choose the right location for your needs. If possible, make sure your office has a door – this can help eliminate distractions. And if you’re short on space, get creative! Even the smallest cupboard or alcove can be transformed.


2.    Get Comfy

Make sure that your home office is as comfortable as possible. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, invest in an ergonomic chair. Your desk should be spacious enough for you to spread out, yet not too big to gather clutter. Consider the temperature and lighting of the space. Your work zone should be airy, with plenty of natural light.


3.    Tech Specs

When it comes to hardware, only purchase what you need, and buy the best you can afford. In terms of software, get smart with your technology and opt for ‘light’ versions if applicable. Security and protection are imperative, and having this in place is a priority. Make sure you do your research and get good advice regarding technology.


4.    Be Organised

Consider the amount of storage space you will require in your home office. If you haven’t got much space, go vertical with your storage solutions. Have both electronic and physical filing systems in place, and stick to them! This keeps clutter and stress to a minimum. Daily and weekly planners are a great way to stay on track and be productive.


5.    Inspiration, Not Perspiration

Decorating your space can be more important than just making it look pretty. Colour can influence your moods, feelings and emotions. And the feel of the space can affect your productivity. Make your home office an inspirational place to work by expressing yourself through artwork, photos, flowers, quotes or posters.


What is the one thing you’d like to improve in your current home office? What is the first thing you’d implement in your new home office? Let us know in the comments below!