6 Mobile Productivity Apps That I Love (And Why You Should Too)

A little while back I shared with you my top 5 online tools that I use on a daily basis. Now here’s my hit list for great mobile productivity apps to help to make your life easier.

If you’re someone who is always on the go, you’re going to fall in love with these new gadgets. (Ok, so some of these aren’t exactly new to the world. But they are new to me, and that’s kind of the same thing.) Here we go...



An eidetic memory is one that can perfectly recall images and objects. And so, this aptly named product helps you to remember facts and figures using a technique called spaced repetition.

For example, I’m not a numbers person, so I use this app to help me remember important phone numbers and codes through repeated testing. And the great thing is, it actually works!



I’m not afraid to admit it - I rely heavily on reminders. Aside from reducing the likelihood of forgetting things, it also allows my brain to focus on the task at hand, rather than interrupting and distracting me.

The built-in app for iPhone does a great job of keeping a track of one-off and repeating tasks, with both time- and location-based alerts.


Voice Memos

Admittedly this is another built-in app for iPhone, but it’s an excellent tool that I’m starting to use more and more. It’s a great for capturing sudden thoughts quickly, especially when you’re on the move. No more embarrassing walk-and-type accidents!

And I’ve found that Voice Memos are also great for recording brainstorming or feedback sessions, which can then be named, edited and sent via email or message to your colleagues.



Here’s one that I use for both work and home. pwSafe allows for simple and secure storing of passwords, and is as good as password management apps get. Perfect for keeping a track of the multiple logins and accounts we all seem to have these days.

pwSafe is an open source app with a fantastic interface, great search functionality, and cloud syncing for access on multiple devices. Plus, they have also just partnered with Mobius to bring in facial recognition technology for added secure access.



A well designed, easy-to-use app for scanning documents, photos and receipts on the go. It captures text in high quality (colour, greyscale or black and white) with easy export options.

Perfect for capturing expense receipts or work documents, with the added ability to stitch together multiple scans into one PDF document of any size.



Of course, this list would not be complete without Evernote. It makes collecting, collating and collaborating a cinch. In fact, most of the above can actually be done entirely with Evernote alone.

Gather information, save data, share notes and plan ahead - all in any medium you’d like. It’s a one-stop-shop for complete life management at any level.


*Views expressed are my own. No affiliate payments received.


Which tools can’t you live without?