7 Things Candy Crush Can Teach Us About Owning A Business

Unless you’ve been living under a stick of Blackpool Rock, you’ll know that Candy Crush Saga is the most popular app on Facebook, and the highest grossing app in the Apple and Google stores. With over 45million monthly users, this sugar rush video game has a thing or two to teach us about owning a business.


1.    Plan Ahead

Having a game plan can make all the difference between bombing out and moving up the ranks. Study your options and choose your moves wisely.


2.    Assess The Risks

Eliminate dangers by strategising against key threats. Take your time to analyse the competition and consider your long-term goals.


3.    Ask For Help

Don’t be shy about asking friends, lovers and others for help. Likewise, make sure you’re the first to hand out assistance in return.


4.    Business Is Bittersweet

Running your own business can at times be equally frustrating, challenging, addictive, maddening, confusing and rewarding. It can even take over your life. Just like Candy Crush, really.


5.    Persevere

Don’t give up. You sometimes never know what’s coming along next. Persistence can be the key to overcoming your obstacles and succeeding along the way.


6.    Luck Plays A Part

Candy Crush isn’t always fair, and neither is business. Sometimes skill doesn’t enter into it and it’s just a game of chance. Play with the hand you’ve been dealt.


7.    Enjoy The Ride

Most importantly, have fun! Owning your own business is a sweet and colourful adventure, and no two journeys are the same.


Can you add any more to the list? Let us know in the comments below!