9 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

Whilst some level of stress is normal, excessive stress can have a bigger impact than you might realise. Stress in the workplace can interfere with productivity, impact your health, and rob you of time and energy. Here are 9 ways to both manage and reduce excessive stress at work.


1.    Recognise The Warning Signs

Are you having trouble concentrating? Do you feel anxious, pressured or irritable? Ignoring the warning signs could lead to bigger problems down the track.


2.    Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Being organised can help prevent stress. Prepare for your day in advance and prioritise tasks by importance. Schedule in breaks as well as work, and communicate your plans with others.


3.    Handle Interruptions

Learning how to recognise, and then ignore distractions or properly handle interruptions, can significantly decrease your stress levels.


4.    Be Healthy

Having a healthy lifestyle can make you more resilient to stress. Make healthy food choices, have approximately 8 hours of sleep a night and exercise regularly.


5.    Practice Positive Thinking

Conjuring up a positive thought can help slow your breathing, relax tense muscles and put smile on your face. This in turn contributes to feelings of relaxation and peace.


6.    Listen To Music

Music can be an extremely effective stress management tool. Try aligning your heartbeat to the slow tempo of a relaxing song and see how quickly it calms you down.


7.    Take A Deep Breath

Changing your breathing pattern can restore balance. Breathing exercises can help clear your head, calm you down and get you refocused, all from your desk.


8.    Laugh A Little

Nothing reduces stress quicker than laughter. It can enhance oxygen intake, stimulate blood circulation and increase endorphins. Laughter really is the best medicine.


9.    Create A Stress-Free Environment

Keep your work environment clean and organised: mess equals stress. Think about the layout, colour and lighting. Add plants to help reduce stress too.


How do you calm down and relax when your stress levels start to go sky high? Let us know in the comments below.