a little introduction

Hello and welcome!

I thought a little introduction might be in order before I start rambling. If you haven’t found my bio page yet, check it out here. In the mean time, I’m Emily of theadminassistant – an Australian living in Singapore with my British partner.

As you may have gathered, I’m a Virtual Assistant. (And if you’re not quite sure what that entails, check out our FAQs here.) Having moved to Singapore 6 months ago, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a career change. And by career, I mean job. I’ve found a way to put my abilities to good use. Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) seems to encompass all of those great skills and tasks that I have already mastered being out in the ‘real world’.

I like to think that I have super communication skills and awesome administration abilities, though some just seem to think that I am organised to the point of insanity. Either way, as a newbie to the VA industry I have already been particularly struck by the amount of support out there from others in the same arena. Although getting to this point (ready for launch day – 1 Feb 2012) has been a time consuming adventure, it has also been thoroughly rewarding too.

So join me as I navigate my way through becoming a freelancer / contractor / entrepreneur / business owner / Virtual Assistant… and all of the ups and downs that may go with it. Think of this blog as a diary of a VA. I hope that it will be informative yet fun, providing helpful insights, hints and tips as I go.

I’m always open to constructive criticism, and of course appreciate all positive feedback! Feel free to leave messages below, let me know your thoughts and join me on the journey...