a weighty issue

Healthy body, fit mind.

On the whole we should all be doing more exercise, right? Being fit and healthy reduces stress, boosts your immune system and helps you sleep better. So the importance of keeping fit as a business owner is huge. But fitting exercise in, especially when working from home, is easier said than done.

It’s not so simple to go to the gym before or after work when you are already at home. And snacking is a real threat – being your own boss basically means that you can eat as much chocolate as you like (and let’s face it, that’s sometimes a lot).

Luckily there is an easy answer to stepping away from the computer, getting in shape and retaining that all-important balance: routine. Without a doubt, scheduling is key.

As a home-based business owner I know just how difficult it can be trying to fit in fitness. So here are a few tips on how I make it work for me.

Weekly exercise classes are in the calendar and are non-negotiable. Also, belonging to a sports team means that I am always committed to turning up rather than letting my teammates down. Besides, keeping fit then becomes secondary to having fun!

When it comes to eating well, I simply don’t keep items in the house that I know I shouldn’t be grazing on. I also can’t get through the week without a meal plan. They not only help you to eat healthier, but are also perfect for time-poor business owners.

It’s sometimes hard to give importance to anything other than your business. Though it’s also worth remembering that you are no good to anybody when you aren’t in top form.

I’d love to know your suggestions on keeping healthy as a business owner. And in the mean time, go easy on the biscuits.