am i doing it right?

The unknown will always be far greater than the known.

And one of the hardest things about setting up a business in a fledgling industry is that there are very few measuring sticks by which to do it. It’s hard to know sometimes if you are going about things the right way, and is often a case of feeling your way in the dark.

The Virtual Assistant industry is very young, and is one that is still very much gaining traction. For example, a Google Trends search on ‘Virtual Assistant’ compared to ‘Personal Assistant’ shows clear differences in search patterns.

However, the growing VA industry is also a true representative of the changing face of business. And starting a company in a ‘new’ sector means that not only can you really make your business your own, you even have a chance to shape the industry at the same time. And I’d say that’s pretty cool.

What I like about being a VA is that there is already a lot help out there for other people looking to either become a VA, or to hire one. You just need to know where to look. Whether it be forums, discussion groups or purpose built websites, VA’s are only too willing to help out others in their own arena.

There are people out there in this world that have really helped to pave the way. And those people are willing to share their secrets and help others learn from their mistakes, which I believe reflects the good nature of those pioneers.

But of course there is one other way to gauge how you are doing in the world of e-commerce, and I’m not talking about profits. Friends and family will give you a cost-free opinion on your startup, sometimes whether you like it or not.