Australian VA Conference 2013 Wrap Up

I was privileged to attend my first Australian Virtual Assistants Conference recently. Now in its fourth year, this was the first time that the two-day event had been held in Sydney. About 50 delegates gathered in the luxurious surrounds of the Star Room in Darling Harbour to learn, network, share, connect, teach, meet, laugh and catch-up.

14 speakers came together to inform us on everything from marketing to health, from the business mindset to best practices, and even self-defence. We were generously showered with information, gifts, advice, support and prizes. Both days I left energised, informed, valued and inspired.

A huge thank you must go out to Kathie M. Thomas and Anita Kilkenny of the Australian Virtual Assistants Association, as well as all of those involved in the organisation and running of this successful event. They certainly managed to exceed my expectations, fill my head full of ideas and my body full of energy.

I’ve come away from the conference feeling completely motivated and just a tiny bit daunted about the tasks that lay ahead. I’m ready to be more productive, work my tail off and to take my business to the next level over the coming year.

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. ~Abraham Lincoln

But more than that, I feel immensely proud to be a part of the Australian Virtual Assistant community. It is full of strong, inspiring businesswomen (and a few men) who are selfless in their support of others in the industry. We clearly all have the common goal of making the Australian Virtual Assistant community a well-recognised and respected force, both in the online and offline business worlds.

Bring on AVAC 2014 in Brisbane!