can I have a public holiday too (or three)?

This recent Easter long weekend actually wasn’t that long in Singapore.

Apparently Easter Monday doesn’t exist here (or at least not in public holiday form). Now, my business is based in Australia and I technically work there, but I am currently residing here in Singapore. So it got me thinking, which public holidays am I entitled to?

Given that Singapore celebrates approximately 2 more than Australia each year, the local ones are probably a good deal to stick with. But don’t get me wrong – I know that as the only person in my business, I’m not technically going to get paid days off any time soon.

However this has only come to light recently. You see, Good Friday was the first national holiday that I’ve come across since starting theadminassistant, and I’ve suddenly realised that I am no longer actually entitled to public holidays.

And now I wonder, what approach do other freelancers and Virtual Assistants take towards these days. What is your preference?

Would you rather take days off in line with the rest of the country around you, or take time off as required on an individual basis (even if this means working while everyone else is relaxing)? Perhaps it differs day-to-day and week-to-week, depending on the state of your business. Or maybe you simply can’t take the risk in case your company will suffer.

Melanie Brooks recently wrote an article for Freelance Switch on how to balance taking holidays as a freelancer, especially if you have international clients. As always, planning and communication are required to keep both your clients in the loop and your holiday business-free.

We all know that when it comes to being self-employed, extra work means extra profit. But are we doing ourselves a disservice by not having ‘forced’ time off?