Checklist: The Productive Work Desk

Even with the best intentions, our workspace can sometimes become an unproductive place to be. However, the less clutter you have, the fewer your distractions will be.

Use this checklist to get your office desk in order and be the most productive business owner you can be.


✓ Declutter It

Start from scratch. Take everything off your desk and only replace the items that you really need. Recycle or donate the rest. Only items that are used frequently should be at arm’s length.


✓ Organise It

Organise your desk drawers by importance; top to bottom. Use a desk or drawer organiser for your stationery, and group like items together. The key to an organised office is efficiency.


✓ File It

Use in-trays for current work being handled. Colour-coded files are great for storing important documents. A shredder and recycling bin are imperative if you handle a lot of paperwork.


✓ Streamline It

A second computer monitor can increase productivity by 30%. Use only one notepad for your tasks and reminders. Keeping your lists in one place helps to eliminate clutter. Being less distracted also helps you to feel less stressed.


✓ Maintain It

Rather than falling back into old habits, keep your desk clear and simplify your processes. The more things you have around, the harder it is to keep everything in order.


How do you maintain a productive workspace? What would you add to this checklist?