driving me crazy

The world of working on the move.

I happen to live in a magical place where trains are on time, buses are abundant and taxis are very cheap. Although cars are remarkably expensive (and I therefore don’t own one), all of this great public transport is surprisingly conducive to work.

Journeys around here take about half an hour on average, and it’s incredible just how much you can achieve in that period. Every waking moment of our lives is spent multi-tasking, so mobile business is hardly a new phenomenon. And travel time has now become productive time too.

It goes without saying that smartphones and touchpads have gone a long way in facilitating being able to take the office with you. I personally like to catch up on my tweets when catching a taxi, and apparently I’m not the only one. Approximately 50% of Twitter’s 165 million users use Twitter Mobile.

However it is not just online work that can be achieved when on the move. Travelling by train is the perfect opportunity to read business books and catch up on industry notes.

And according to Smart Move, “buses and coaches around the globe carry more people than any other means of transport, apart from the private car”. Since buses just happen to be a very creative space for me (where I generate business concepts, formulate blog ideas etc.), it makes me wonder how many other notions are being dreamt up by fellow passengers on the commute.

Being able to work when and where we like is becoming more accepted, and not just amongst the self-employed. Whether working online or off, being out of the office no longer means being away from it. But should we be using this travel time to toil or to have a timeout? Or perhaps the workplace is no longer a fixed location, but rather a fluid state of productivity.