enough already!

Is there such a thing as too much Social Media Marketing?

I recently wrote a post called “Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me?!” about the difficulties of getting the Social Medial Marketing ball rolling. So when I founded my company theadminassistant, I called on my friends to kick-start things. After all, when starting up a business your friends are your biggest and best advocates.

And where better to begin than on Facebook? The one Social Media site where online contacts are already waiting to hear what you have to say. Unintentional marketers, ready to march your venture out into the world and spread the word.

I started by asking my friends to like theadminassistant’s Facebook page. I then proceeded to flood them with industry information and company updates. Reposting each post just to make sure people were getting it. And they did. Passing the word on like a giant game of ‘Chinese Whispers’ the campaign to launch my Virtual Assistant company was off.

Of course, Facebook’s terms clearly state that you should never use a personal Facebook profile for commercial gain – and I always make sure to always toe the line. Businesses can have their accounts suspended altogether over this malpractice, and it’s certainly something no one wants to be at risk of.

And aside from that, the last thing you want is for friends to ignore your efforts altogether. No one wants to be the “annoying friend”. Could it be possible that my relentless online marketing push was too much for friends to bear?

Luckily, I don’t think so. Though I should point out that I’ve not actually had any complaints, just a lot of patience and support really. So thank you friends – you know who you are.