fighting fatigue

Have I accidentally become a part-time business owner?

Tomorrow night will be my 22nd night out this month. That’s just 9 nights at home over the last four weeks. …zzzZZZ

I don’t mean to be so busy – it just kind of happened. Well ok, perhaps I’m just not that good at saying ‘no’. But before you jump to conclusions, I haven’t been down at the pub every night.

In any case, the bags under my eyes are starting to give away the double life I am leading. Blending my new life as an expat with my new life as a business owner is not quite going to plan.

Keeping the work/life scales balanced is quite a trick, especially when both require extra attention. Anyone who has moved overseas before knows that your social life takes a little bit of work. And anyone who has started a business before knows that it takes even more.

Now, I’m not immune to hard graft and my time management skills certainly aren’t rubbish. My self-discipline means that I manage to fit everything in. But dividing my time evenly between the two is not as balanced as it sounds. I think I’m missing an important ingredient here: downtime. Should I be scheduling blocks of time to relax? And can it be forced?

In an effort to improve my wellbeing I went for a Chinese massage the other day. Turns out it was more like a form of physiotherapy (read: torture). So when I fell asleep during the gouging and kneading it’s probably no surprise that the ‘masseuse’ had to check my pulse...

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself. Starting a business is tough, and if lack of sleep is a side effect, then so be it. As they say, you can sleep when you’re dead!