guilt trips and great expectations

They say you’ll have dirty laundry in the wash basket until the day you die.

That may be, but it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty about it. I’m the first one to admit the expectations I place on myself to get everything done: that old balancing act between life and work when running a home based business.

Lately I feel like the house has been completely neglected in favour of the business, which isn’t such a bad thing really when you’ve got work coming in the door.

However, I read a statistic recently that stated productivity increases by 15-25% when work is done at home rather than at the office. And to be fair, running a business whilst running a home can be very compatible. A little self-discipline actually allows for a lot of flexibility.

Agatha Christie once said,

“The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes.”

And the lady had a point. I once wrote a whole blog post in my head while doing the dishes. What Agatha failed to mention is that I would then need to run between the kitchen and the study with dripping wet gloves so I could edit it.

Menial tasks do allow for the mind to wander though. In this home office, ironing is often interrupted to jot down thoughts, and cleaning takes twice as long as it should so that ideas might be explored.

This is called thinking on your feet: literally. Just like getting great ideas in small spaces, inspiration can also come from the most tedious of tasks. So while I may never make it to the bottom of the wash basket, at least I can be creative whilst trying.

Plus, I also hear that self-employed people are more productive than others. And this makes me think, well hey; maybe I am on top of everything after all!