How Do I Start Working With A Virtual Assistant?

When you’re overwhelmed in business, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is the flexible solution to your business needs. A VA provides quality, seamless support giving you the freedom to focus on what you really need to.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is just the same as engaging any other contractor. The first step is to do your research, source recommendations and check references. Do you need your VA to be specialised in a niche area? Should they have experience of a specific program or industry?

Once you have a great shortlist of VAs in your hand, it’s important to speak to each of them and get a feeling for which one you would be most comfortable working with. You need to be confident in their abilities and consider all aspects before making your decision.

Be sure to discuss your needs and the services that you require in detail. Determine your best method for communication, how completed work should be returned to you, and go over how you conduct business. It’s great to set expectations early on.

With the perfect Virtual Assistant now ready to help your business, the next step is to complete any official paperwork, such as an Engagement Letter or Confidentiality Agreement. Depending on the project type and arrangements made with your VA, you will be billed per hour, per project or on a monthly retainer basis.

Remember that your Virtual Assistant is a self-employed business owner. VAs are highly organised with the skills to facilitate delivering jobs on time. With all of the experience that they can bring to the table, your Virtual Assistant will be a great business partner for years to come!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant shouldn’t be daunting or difficult. Talk to us today!