How To Stop Receiving Spam

Once you’re on a spammer’s list, their irrelevant and inappropriate messages can be hard to get rid of. But by putting some simple yet effective processes in place, you can not only limit the junk you are receiving by email, but also help to improve your security systems at the same time.

Here are just a few ways you can combat spam, as well as helping to avoid it in the first place.


1.    Be On The Lookout

There are some simple warning signs to look for before you even open an email. First of all, do you recognise the person sending you this? Secondly, what time did they send it? Bots tend to work between 12am – 4am. Finally, what is in the subject line? If it’s something like, ‘Eliminate Debt’ or ‘Lose Weight’ you should probably avoid it.

If you are still not sure and do open an email that turns out to be spam, that’s ok. But whatever you do, do NOT click on any links contained within.


2.    Be Careful With Your Email Address

Stop posting your email address on public forums, chat rooms and websites. Robots automatically scan for and harvest email addresses from these places. Just as you wouldn’t give your home address out to anybody at random, the same should go for your email address.

If you do need to use an email address for something that you suspect may lead to spam in the future, consider using a disposable email address.


3.    Use A Spam Blocker

Most email clients and web mail providers give you the option to notify them of spam received. Reporting spam actually helps to improve the spam filter in your email system, thereby further limiting the junk you receive.

You can also try adding the spammer’s domain name to your Block list, and if appropriate, limit the mail you receive to only those in your address book.


Have you been a victim of a spamming campaign? How did you fight back?