How To Get More Done With Less Time

Tackling how to get more work done, with less time, is simple. You just need to be motivated and disciplined. When you are your own boss, being ruthless with your time is the only way to recover wasted hours.

So, here are 4 ways that you can start to reclaiming your time.


Manage Your Schedule

Imagine your ideal work week. What does it look like? Plot it out on your calendar. Is it balanced? Block out time for all activities, including meetings, responding to emails, work during your most productive hours, and downtime.


Impose Rules

Set boundaries and stick to them. Be strict about how and when you communicate by email and phone. Let others know not to disturb you during your most creative hours of the day. Set expectations for both yourself and others.


Stop Multitasking

Humans are terrible at multitasking. Constantly switching tasks means that your productivity plummets. Instead, try focusing on one task at a time. Creating uninterrupted time in order to do just that is a sure-fire way to boost your productivity.



Knowing what your most important tasks are, and where you need to focus your energy, will help you to complete tasks of the most value first. For example, prioritising a string projects means that you can deliver them quicker than working on them all at once.


Remember, it’s your time, so take charge of it. Create an environment that is conducive to implementing and taking action. Get your work done, and get home on time.


We’d love to hear how you get the most out of your time. Leave your best tip in the comments below.