i sync, therefore i am

What's your strategy?

We live in a world of multiple gadgets. It’s perfectly acceptable for one person to own a phone, a tablet, a laptop and a PC all at once. But if you can’t make them talk to each other, there’s not much point in having more than one.

Being able to synchronise all of your gadgets is a new world skill; a first world problem that never used to exist. A little bit like how it was never an issue if you couldn’t use a microwave before it was invented. And once it arrived on our doorstep, it was scary at first but is now just second nature.

With so many applications readily available on each new gadget appearing on the scene, how will you access that app from one device to another? You might like to track Nike+ on the go, or access Evernote from your desktop, or share your Instagram photos with friends. No matter the task and no matter the app, the goal is to be able to use it where you want, when you want.

Though getting to that stage isn’t always simple. When all of your products are the same brand it makes things a little smoother, but let’s face it; unless you’re an Apple freak this is unlikely. So if you can’t figure out how to connect your iPhone to your fridge, but best thing to do is ask the Internet. Chances are someone’s already come across this issue, fixed it themselves and kindly posted up the solution for your benefit.

Cloud computing is making life more accessible, and having everything at your fingertips has become the norm. So whether you’re in a basement in Japan, a bath in England, or on a beach in Australia you should be able to access that all-important eBook no probs.