Inbound Verses Outbound Marketing Techniques

As a business there are many different ways to reach your potential customers, but almost all methods fall into one of two categories: Inbound or Outbound Marketing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so what exactly are the differences between the two?


Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing is also known as traditional or old marketing. It focuses on putting your message in front of your ideal customer in a tangible sense, by communicating the value of a product or service.

Outbound Marketing casts a wide net in the hopes of catching consumers by buying their attention. Although traditional marketing techniques are changing, there are still plenty of opportunities for businesses to get their name out to a wide range of consumers.

  • Methods
    • Television Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Cold Calling
    • Radio Ads
    • Spam
    • Sales Flyers & Brochures
    • Telemarketing
    • Direct Paper Mail
    • Billboards
  • Pros
    • Non-threatening
    • In control of the message
    • Familiar to consumers
    • Technology doesn’t get in the way
  • Cons
    • High cost
    • Interruptive
    • One-way communication
    • Blocking / barrier techniques (eg. spam filters)


Inbound Marketing

Known as ‘new marketing’, Inbound Marketing is the method of advertising by earning the attention of potential clients. The rise of the Internet has provided an opportunity for companies to form relationships and be a ‘go-to’ resource, instead of pushing information onto customers.

Rather than focusing on selling, Inbound Marketing is all about communicating with consumers and prospects. By delivering consistent valuable information, it inspires business and loyalty from buyers. By providing interesting content a company can be easily found, thereby drawing customers into their website. It is especially effective for small business, where budgets are tight but the company is close to their clients.

  • Methods
    • Blogs
    • Videos
    • Social Media Marketing
    • eBooks
    • Podcasts
    • Whitepapers
    • eNewsletters
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Infographics
  • Pros
    • Non-invasive
    • Cost effective
    • Facilitates trust
    • Large potential market
  • Cons
    • Time consuming
    • High competition
    • Longer time to see results
    • Requires a content strategy


What marketing methods do you use in your business? Inbound, Outbound or a combination of both?