International Virtual Assistants Day

This week is Global VA Week, and culminates on the 16th of May with International Virtual Assistants Day.

This Friday is an opportunity to celebrate an industry that is going through a major growth period, and look at how the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant can be promoted to other business owners.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who provides professional administrative support to other individuals and businesses. Services are generally provided remotely as and when needed, and individual needs determine the type of VA required. Virtual Assistants may offer general administrative services or specialise in a specific niche area.

So, in an industry that is still very new to the world stage, how can we acknowledge that it is a valid and viable way for mainstream businesses to improve their output and bottom line?

Creating awareness of what Virtual Assistants are and how they work, can help to educate other business professionals on the industry. It’s a big task, but there are some great associations out there doing this at both local and global levels.

Working as a Virtual Assistant in the new online, global marketplace is an exciting opportunity. Especially when the VA industry was born out of that same advancement in technology that is propelling it forward.

Through continued education and awareness within the business community, the Virtual Assistant industry can continue to go from strength to strength.

Nurturing and supporting new enterprises is imperative to their success. By championing the benefits of working with VAs, and acknowledging the dedication and professionalism of Virtual Assistants, we can continue the see the great support and camaraderie the industry is renowned for.

So, this Friday 16 May we say, Happy International Virtual Assistants Day!


How are you celebrating International Virtual Assistants Day?