Knowing When To Outsource

In business, as in life, there are things that just simply must be done. There are invoices to be processed, calls to be made, and dishes to be washed. But just because they have to be done, doesn’t mean that they have to be done by you.

The rise of independent contractors means that you no longer have to complete these tasks yourself. It is far more feasible and easier than ever before to draft in assistance for everyday jobs.

Outsourcing is the perfect solution for getting more value out of your hour, and creating more time in your day. So, as a small business owner, how do you know when to start outsourcing?

As with any decision, analysis comes first. Consider the following points for various tasks within your business, and see if the time is right for you to start outsourcing.  

  • Is the task a primary service? Unless it is the main offering of your business, chances are you can outsource it. Only spend time on what you do well.
  • Is there a reason for performing the task in-house? If your specialty is bricklaying, then it’s unlikely you will need an IT department in your company. Only keep the tasks in-house that give you a competitive edge.
  • Is the task costly? Consider the time and manpower involved in performing the task internally. It may be costing you more than you realise.
  • Does the task require specialised skills? It’s probably impractical to have employees performing data entry when they are there to groom dogs. Get the right people for the right job.
  • Is the task routine or temporary? If it is something that consistently wastes valuable time and energy, or only occurs sporadically, it is likely to be far cheaper to perform this task off-site.

 When properly utilised, outsourcing can help your business to streamline operations, refocus energies, maximise productivity, and carve more time out of the day. Is your business ready to outsource?


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