laptops and lattes

Café culture for the modern worker.

I sit here writing this post from a cafe chain in the city. I had a few hours to kill in between appointments today, so I grabbed my netbook as I ran out of the house, intending to get some work done whilst out and about.

For the uninitiated, cafes are the perfect remote office for a freelancer. Good music, food & drink on tap, a lively atmosphere and even real humans to interact with – a novelty when one normally works at home on their own. Etiquette just requires that you keep your coffee cup full and that you share the power points with other remote workers. Think of it as the entrepreneurs’ working lunch.

I’m not normally one to pop out to a cafe to work, but only because there aren’t really any within walking distance from my home office. Though today I was rather impressed with myself for thinking to do it, especially as I was in such a rush getting out the door!

Now this is all well and good until it doesn’t work. I found my cafe, bought my tea and plugged in. It wasn’t the Wi-Fi that got me, but an apparent SSL error. Damn!

But all is not lost... it’s just back to good old-fashioned work. Yes, without the Internet. And surprise, surprise, I’m achieving a lot! Working on my business rather than in it. Planning, drafting, and strategising. Oh, and jotting down this little blog post too. Turns out that there is still plenty of work to do even when one is not working per se.

And it also seems that a little change in routine is good for getting creative. So I’m going back to my chai latte and biscotti, and next time I’ll leave the laptop at home…