lift off

Check one, two, one, two.

Yes, it’s 1 Feb 2012, and we’ve made it to launch day! theadminassistant is officially open for business!

When I started this venture (albeit only two months ago), 1 Feb 2012 was a far off date on the calendar. Something to aim for more than anything else. A deadline for motivation. But since then it has become more significant – 1/2/12 is the date I started my own business.

The decision to do so came a little bit out of the blue. Starting my own business had never been on my radar before. But a change in circumstances planted a seed of thought; that the notion could be possible. And a snowball effect took place. Before I knew it I was a Virtual Assistant. I had a business number, a domain name, a concept and a website – all in the space of a weekend. It was surprising how easy it all was. But I suppose the real serious part comes next… generating income.

Starting your own business (whether going it solo or having hundreds of employees) is full of pro’s and con’s. Only having yourself to answer to is great, but then you’re the only one responsible when things go awry. Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom of creativity, but with at least some constraints. Business owners can benefit from big profits, but it takes hard work to get there. As a freelancer you decide your deadlines, but that requires self-discipline. And as a Virtual Assistant you too can have the 10 step commute, but only if you can handle working from home.

So I wonder… how long did it take you other entrepreneurs and freelancers out there to get up and running? And what gave you the inspiration to do it in the first place? And if you aren’t a business owner, would you like to be? What would help give you the push to do so? I’d love to hear your stories.

And where to from here for me? Total world domination of course.