Managing Your Online Footprint

Are you worried about the amount of data you are leaving online? If not, you should be.

It may not be something that you give much thought, but your online footprint is an ever-growing trail of your search history, personal information and social interaction. And this information can be used for anything from targeted marketing to identity theft.

Managing the data you leave online isn’t always an easy process. Luckily though, there are companies out there aimed at making the job a little easier. We’ve summarised just a few of these tools to help get you started.

It may not be possible to totally eliminate your existing online presence, but there certainly are steps you can take to help secure your privacy online. Remember to also:

  • Use an online alias
  • Disable your cookies
  • Double-check what information websites store about you

Using a combination of the above sites and techniques, you can help to limit your susceptibility to identity theft, reduce your permanent Internet history, or just avoid those unwanted personalised ads.

Make it a habit to stay on top of your online identity by putting controls in place and monitoring your Internet usage. As always, be smart and act safe!


What other methods do you employ to help protect your online identity? Pass on your tips in the comments below.