Mistakes To Avoid When Working With A Virtual Assistant

Many seasoned entrepreneurs agree that working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to boost productivity. By giving your recurring tasks to a VA, you get to free up a huge chunk of your time and focus on what you’re really good at.

Of course, it all depends on how well you collaborate. If you’re about to hire a Virtual Assistant for the first time, there are a few mistakes you must be sure to avoid.


Not Being Clear About Your Expectations

Your VA will always have your best interest at heart. However, you can’t just delegate tasks without setting goals and expectations, and expect the best results. It’s important to define key elements such as the time frame, budget and other parameters and limitations of the work at hand.


Not Delegating The Right Tasks To Your VA

Many entrepreneurs who work with a VA for the first time find it difficult to decide what work to delegate. If you face the same challenge, here’s a good rule of thumb:

Handle the core processes only you can do. Redundant everyday tasks, such as data entry and appointment scheduling, should be delegated to your VA.


Not Telling Your VA About Your Preferences

Your VA must know how you want tasks to be completed. Whether it’s booking a flight, scheduling appointments, or interacting with customers, you need to provide your VA with all the necessary information. Keeping mum about your specific needs and preferences is a sure-fire way to get unsatisfactory results, rather than help you save time with a Virtual Assistant.


Not Establishing A Good Working Relationship With Your VA

Make sure you and your VA are on the same page in terms of goals. Taking some time to learn about your VA’s interests, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to better manage them, delegate the right tasks, and ultimately establish an optimal working relationship.


Not Keeping In Touch With Your VA

When starting out with a new VA or a new task, be sure to keep a healthy line of communication open. Check in on your VA regularly to see how they’re doing. Establish a checkpoint at the outset so you can continually assess their performance and determine necessary improvements.


Are you interested in collaborating with a Virtual Assistant? Be sure to avoid these mistakes, and read our other tips on the blog.


Rebecca Gunn

Guest Author: Rebecca Gunn is a contact centre strategist for My Virtual Workforce. Specialising in customer experience management, she always strives to bring new ideas to the table. She has more than five years of experience with contact centres and has always been passionate about her career. Rebecca spends most of her spare time reading fiction, tinkering with gadgets and occasionally playing video games. You can follow her at @itsmerebeccagun.