noise control

Sound check, one two.

Can you hear me ok?! You may not know it, but I live under a military flight path. Though funnily enough, it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, the free daily air show is kind of cool. I’m probably about as far away from a plane spotter as one can get, but after sitting here for the past year I can tell you by ear whether it’s 3 fighter jets, 2 Chinooks, or the British Prime Minister flying overhead.

Working from home can often mean trying to focus while listening to the rest of the world go about their daily business. The quiet din of the corporate office can sometimes feel a mile away when having to work to the sound of residential noise pollution.

The thing about working from home is there’s always going to be noise. Whether it be construction down the road, a yapping dog in the neighbour’s yard or someone learning the trombone upstairs.

However it doesn’t have to mean that you work in an unprofessional environment. Minimising noise is all part of the set-up. For instance, keeping the windows & doors to your office shut, or locating your home office in the quietest part of the house.

And here’s a novel idea that I've come across for those who need a bit of quiet when on the phone – white noise. Apparently a lot of people who work from home, or even those in an open plan office, use this to mask other sounds.

There is always a solution within your control, no matter what the world is doing around you – and this is where attitude plays the biggest part. Because if all else fails, then it’s time to invest in some earplugs.