Optimise Your Virtual Assistant Relationship

So, you’ve managed to get past the point of overwhelm within your small business and have made the wise decision to bring on a Virtual Assistant. But, how do you optimise the relationship in order to get the most out of this professional partnership? When working with a Virtual Assistant, there are three key things to keep in mind.  



Whether working remotely or in person, clear communication is important in any business relationship. It helps in conveying ideas, expectations and direction for tasks both large and small. Check in regularly to make sure you are both clear on where things are at. Establishing open lines of communication with your VA, and being on the same page from the start, will help to avoid any problems down the track.



Optimising procedures through effective collaboration is a must for remote working. Synchronisation and sharing through the cloud is essential in the modern age, and getting it right will make your work day a whole lot more productive. Speak to your Virtual Assistant about the best ways to manage cloud collaboration together - their experience and knowledge will be invaluable.



When working with a Virtual Assistant, it is important to continually assess, adjust and improve. Constantly reviewing and developing your working practices will help to keep your business relationship in sync and your company’s strategy in check. Keep the long-term benefits in mind while focussing on current workflow.


Facilitating positive work practices will help make your outsourcing venture a success. Using the above key strategies you can optimise your business relationship with your Virtual Assistant, and ensure improved business productivity in the process.

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