paper pusher

The art of procrastination.

You know how it is. The paperwork’s been piling up for months, gathering on the desk, the dining table and/or the kitchen bench. Sitting there as a daily reminder to you that you’re not on top of things.

We’ve all been guilty of this before. Letting things go a little until they become unbearable. But perhaps this is a motivation required to get things done. Distraction isn’t always a bad thing.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I recently let my personal filing get so out of hand that I had to dedicate a whole evening to filling up three (yes, 3) lever-arch folders with paperwork. What a way to spend your Friday night. And I know that had I done a little bit at a time it would never have become so painful.

Now you may be thinking, “Well hang on a minute, you’re a Virtual Assistant aren’t you? Surely you guys love this stuff!” And don’t get me wrong, I do – but how clean is a cleaner’s house? No one wants to finish a long day at work only to have to do the same thing again at home. Unpaid.

And what makes things just that little bit harder is living where you work. Setting up a business isn’t the only thing that has got in the way of me being organised; running the business has too. Because whenever I’m at home I should be working – guilt gets in the way of me doing anything else. (Although sometimes that’s ok too!)

We all have tasks that we put off, and it’s those things that one does as their job that are the worst. But what was really the final straw for me getting on top of it all? Visitors. The perfect motivation for getting your house spick and span.