prophecies and profits

So, it looks like I’m in for a bad year.

A few months ago during Chinese New Year preparations, I came across this 2012 prediction for those born in the year of the Rat (and if you know your Chinese calendar well enough, then that may just give away my age). The prophecy reads:

Unlucky stars are shining on our friends who born in the year of Rat. There will be more bad than good. Avoid major changes in your life. The presence of the unlucky Wu Gui star means you will encounter nasty people, plenty of gossip, serious injury, and be framed at work. Your mood will be full of ups and downs. With the unlucky Guan Fu star bothering you, you might lose money or even get into some legal troubles. Be extra careful when signing contracts or agreements, to prevent minor loopholes from getting you into legal troubles. Fortunately, with the lucky San Tai star shining on you, you can overcome your difficulties in the later half of the year. Act cautiously and you will be able to pass this eventful year.

Now, even the most positive of optimists must admit that the above really isn’t going to fill one with too much hope.

And what is even more bemusing to me is, not only did I come across this upbeat forecast in the midst of setting up my business, but that my partner is also born in the year of the Rat. So it looks like our household is in for double trouble. It seems that financial woes, blabbermouths and painful injuries are set to abound us this year.

Unlucky stars (that sound more like forms of martial arts than guiding lights) are trying to sabotage 2012 for me, and I don’t like it one bit. So how can one steer clear of such a fate, when it seems that the whole universe is looking to bring you down in a multitude of ways?

I guess the key is to carry on and focus on the present. It’s all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo anyway, right?! However, even if you don’t believe in such forecasts, it is still an ominous sign no matter what your religion is.

Perhaps I’m focusing too much on the negative anyway. After all, there may yet be one or two mediocre months on the horizon. But let’s be honest, there isn’t much positivity according to the Chinese gods (and who knew that they were such Negative Nelly’s?). I suppose that only time will tell if the future is as grim as the soothsayers predict.