Quick Productivity Hacks To Improve Your Worklife

Struggling to fit everything in at work? Need to be more efficient? These quick tips are a sure-fire way to help boost your productivity and improve your worklife.



Turn Off Notifications

When it comes to emails, one of the biggest office distractions is the little ping every time you get a receive a new one. Not only is it distracting, it also wastes at least 1 minute of productivity per email! Turn your notifications off and stop disturbing your focus.

Set Time Aside

Only check your emails at set times during the day. Batch processing your emails, rather than one-by-one, helps you to prioritise them better. And do your best not check your emails first thing in the morning. It can really highjack your day before you’ve even started it.


Working Habits

The 2 Minute Rule

Proven methods are the best way to handle your time. The two-minute rule (from David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’) is simply about taking action. If you come across a task that will take you less than two minutes to complete, do it. This takes the thought and effort out of scheduling lots of little tasks.

Work In Threes

Ask yourself, “What three things do I want to accomplish today?” Define what outcomes you want to achieve amongst all of your running around. This is about seeing actual results by the end of the day.


Time Management

Schedule Breaks

One of the easiest ways to boost your productivity is to take a break, yet we don’t take enough of them. Scheduling downtime into your calendar not only helps you to quickly refresh, but it also lets your colleagues know not to disturb you at this time.

Block Distractions

Similar to stopping your email pop-ups, blocking out other distractions will help you to really zero in on what you should be doing. And if the temptation of Social Media is just too much to resist, use an add-on to block out particular sites for set amounts of time.


Have you tried above methods? How did they help boost productivity for you?