Shot, Framed & Hung – The Business Of Headshots

Portraying your business image online requires a professional headshot as part of your branding. Your business photo should reflect both your company’s personality, as well as you as a person.

The right headshot will help you stand out from the crowd and convey a message of professionalism. Getting the right look will be the difference between whether you come across as friendly and trustworthy, or stern and unapproachable.

You may remember our article from a couple of weeks ago, 5 Quick & Easy Steps To Instantly Boost Your LinkedIn Profile, where I mentioned that I was soon to get a professional headshot taken. As you can see from the results above, I had a very successful photo shoot and am more than happy with the results.

So, I thought I might share with you the steps I took in order to get the perfect photo. Here are my top tips to help you prepare for that all-important shot:

  • Take along your current headshot for the photographer to improve on
  • Show the photographer examples of other headshots that you like
  • Practice in the mirror in advance and know your best angles
  • Have in mind the look and feel you want to convey
  • Wear block colours – they date less quickly
  • A neutral background won’t distract from your portrait
  • Keep your make up and jewellery simple, and accessories to a minimum
  • Take a friend for on-the-spot tips and critiquing
  • Girls: consider having your hair and make up done professionally
  • Guys: consider a professional grooming session in advance
  • Make sure there is only a light amount of retouching applied post-shoot
  • Relax and have fun!

After a year and a half in business I can now say that I have a headshot that I am proud of, and am wondering why I didn’t do it sooner!


Do you have any other tips to share when it comes to having a professional headshot taken? Pass them on via the comments section below.