spooky self-employment

Ah, the joys of navigating your way around the freelance industry!

Although working for yourself can be a fabulous and flexible career, there are plenty of scary pitfalls you need to keep an eye out for. I’ve come across a few terrifying articles and warning signs lately, so thought I’d pass on these ghoulish industry issues.

Frightful Freebies

Doing jobs for free: sounds like a good way to get your name out there and secure more work in the future. But this kind of ghastly approach not only diminishes the quality of service that you offer, it also sends the message that you do not value yourself.

Shocking Spam

It comes in all shapes and sizes. It might be via Social Media, email or even directly through your website. The obvious and not so obvious. Use your common sense when dealing with this horrendous industry trait.

Chilling Charges

Offering ‘mates rates’ is a personal choice, but beware. Don’t risk a friendship or frighten away family members for the sake of filling your portfolio. Proceed with caution here to avoid a bloodcurdling backfire.

Offshoring Horrors

There are plenty of hair-raising stories out there about shipping work off to big companies with small budgets in places like India and the Philippines. The key thing to remember here is that cheap labour comes at a price.

Petrifying Patrons

Yes, there are plenty of nightmare clients out there. They might be dreadful divas or just plain crazy, but tread with caution when dealing with difficult people. And if you need a laugh, or even want to get something off your chest, then here’s a safe place to vent.

Despite all of this, I’m pleased to say that I have fortunately had a good run of thing so far, and not had to deal with any of the alarming issues above. But as for the not-so-subtle Halloween references… well, there’s just no excuse really.