stationary love

A love story.

Recently, a friend of mine laughed as I mentioned my stationery drawer when it came up in conversation. Up until that point I’d always thought that it was quite a normal thing to have; that every household contained one. Turns out that it’s taken me 27 years to realise that apparently not everyone is as in love with stationery as I am.

I could easily spend hours wandering around stationery shops (and kitchen shops and book shops for that matter). I have to pick up gadgets that I’ve not seen before and touch every item I come across. Heaven forbid if you’re with me, cause I’ll have to show you each and every interesting item too.

I love the varying beauty of paper and cards and pens and calendars and note pads; whether it be artsy, functional, hipster, eco-friendly or cute. There’s always something for every occasion.

I don’t know what it is, but I find it all so fascinating. If it belongs in the office, I want it. Maybe I should have been a primary school teacher instead…

However working in the cloud and moving to a paperless world has inadvertently diminished my desire. Operating online means that I don’t actually have much of a need for stationery in general anymore. Of course, there’s the odd individual occasion that requires a personal touch, but will the underground resurgence of nostalgia and all things hand-made actually last?

I used to think that contact via email was far too impersonal in certain circumstances, but now I’m starting to feel that way about Facebook instead. Is stationery on the whole coming to the end of its life? Does anyone actually send letters anymore, or make their own cards?

Convenience and speed have replaced thoughtfulness and individuality. So for now my love of stationery is stationary.