thanks for the memories

Or lack there of.

Yes, I admit it; I’m a list maker. Big time. I have a notebook just for my lists. I have so many lists that it’s probably counter-productive.

I’m not just talking about your bog-standard shopping list. No, no. I’m talking about things to do, to buy and to clean. Books to read, places to visit and restaurants to try. Music to listen to, movies to see and TV shows to watch. Money I owe, calls to make and things to pack for my next holiday. Design features of my dream house, items to purchase in certain countries and Christmas cards to send (yes, in 8 months time).

I kid you not. These are all lists that I currently have on the go. Writing lists is satisfying. Crossing things off is even better. And if it’s not neat enough, I’ll rewrite it. Can anyone say OCD?

Then there are the reminders – I use them all the time too. On my phone, email and calendar. Places to be, items to follow up on and birthdays to remember.

But is all of this damaging to my memory? Relying so heavily on notes and pop-ups can’t be doing me any favours. Though I’m sure that I’m not the only one that doesn’t know a single phone number in my mobile (including my own).

On the other hand, this is what makes me efficient. Because not only do I apply these tactics to my personal life, I also employ them for my clients. It is very rare that I will ever ‘forget’ anything when it comes to work. Not once have I ever missed an appointment or overlooked something to be done. And I don’t have all of this crucial information backed up three-fold for no reason. Heaven forbid if it ever disappeared.

Forgetting stuff is one thing, losing it all together is another.