the language of twitter

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

…this week I got Twitter. I’ve actually been tweeting for about three months, just going through the motions, but now I finally understand the point of it. And so my great big Social Media learning curve continues.

Using Twitter has been a little bit like learning a new language. Once it clicks, it seems that everything you thought you knew changes overnight.

So when I started thinking in hashtags I knew that I was getting somewhere. Whether it was cleaning the house [#dreamcleanteam] or going to the supermarket alone [#bettertogether], at that point Twitter had irreversibly spilled into my private life.

Beyond the hashtags it’s all about connections, interactions and promotions (and not just ones of the ‘self’ variety). So if you like someone, mention them. If you like a link, respond to it. If you like a tweet, repeat it. There’s a certain etiquette to Twitter that seems to have its base in being, well, nice.

To be honest, I found all this niceness disarming at first. I was suspicious. Why would anyone want to know that I love writing lists or that I’ve just baked some biscuits? However, more to the point, I think people just want to know that I’m human. And normal. And just like them.

The best was way to describe Twitter is that it’s a bit like texting your mate. On a much grander scale. To people you’ll never actually meet. It’s basically saying aloud the little things in your head – the things that you think no one cares about. A careful mix of humour, niceties and fact; all blended together in 140 characters or less.

So if you think it, tweet it. But do be #nice.