the pay off

The man (or woman) behind the VA.

They are that person who supports you through thick and thin. They encourage you. They give you guidance. They are your ‘bouncer’. They are patient with you, and they help you without question.

Be it your partner, brother, sister, BFF or dog; when it comes to starting up and running your own business, that extra encouragement from the sidelines is invaluable.

My partner is everything in my business that I’m not. He is my financial advisor, IT guy, marketing manager, business coach and mentor all rolled into one!

When launching a business it is important to have everyone around you onboard. It not only helps to alleviate stress, but that support network also helps take the pressure off when it seems like you have more things to do than time will allow.

The challenges of being a new business owner are unique. You have to take responsibility for tasks you might have no experience of, wearing every hat in the company on a daily basis. You are literally learning on the job, and trying to do it all successfully with little or no staff.

However, it can also be extremely rewarding to run your own business, and little successes are magnified. All the hard work is worth the big pay-offs, and having someone to share in those achievements makes it even sweeter.

No matter whether it is a small or large business, the importance of having good people spurring you on when entering this new venture is vital. They build you up and get you excited about possibilities you haven’t even dreamt of. And they give you a shoulder to lean on when things don’t quite go to plan.

So take a moment every now and then to thank those people who are behind-the-scenes, but mean so much.