the working holiday

Can you really mix business with pleasure?

I recently wrote about whether, as a freelancer, I was eligible to take public holidays. (Can I have a Public Holiday too (or Three)?) After getting various feedback and opinions on the article, I came to the conclusion that it was more or less up to me how and when I took my holidays. So when the opportunity arose last weekend to have a three-day break, I decided to throw caution to the wind and set off for an island beach resort.

Now although it was a very relaxing break, I did spend a lot of time worrying about the baby I had left at home. Not an actual baby of course, but just as needy all the same; my business. So the night before the big trip I could be found burning the midnight oil to finish off a project and make sure that everything was in place.

Unfortunately we weren’t staying in same far off remote hut that was completely cut off from the world. That would have been much easier. No, no. This little island was hooked up, and I spent much of the weekend resisting the urge to plug in and jump online.

Day and night, mobile phones and iPads jumped out at me from every corner, trying to break my resolve and possibly my relationship too. Though I’m pleased to report that even when my partner offered me some Wi-Fi time, I declined. And I was even more surprised than he was.

But even after such a lovely weekend of sun, sport and swimming, I can’t deny that I wasn’t champing at the bit to get home and log on. And what did I discover when I got back? Not only was theadminassistant still standing, but I was also fully recharged and raring to go for the short week ahead.

And that, my friends, is how a holiday works.