My Top 3 Resources When Starting Out As A VA

I had a call the other day from a lovely lady in Sydney wondering if there were any employment openings at The Admin Assistant. Whilst extremely flattered, I explained that I operate as a sole business owner who does not directly employ anyone.

If fact, I think almost all of the Virtual Assistants that I know operate in the same way too. Sure, we sub-contract out work and pass on clients, but having direct employees isn’t all that common.

After a brief explanation to my hopeful caller, I did make sure to send her in the right direction. So I thought I’d also share these links with you. Here are my top three places to start when looking to become an Australian Virtual Assistant.


Australian Virtual Assistants Association (AVAA)

Although it’s a relatively new organisation, the Australian Virtual Assistants Association is actually the formal coming together of some of the most well established VAs in Australia. This non-profit organisation is not only dedicated to educating its members, they also aim to educate the Australian public on the VA industry too. Under the umbrella of AVAA, these wonderful VAs also organise the annual Australian VA Conference. This motivating event is such a fantastic way to inspire business development and cultivate relationships with peers in the industry.


Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants (VYVA)

The VYVA website has a number of very useful eBooks, tools and fact sheets for those looking to become Virtual Assistants, as well as running numerous courses and workshops. VYVA aims to support new VAs through the full development process of starting their VA business. Furthermore, the VYVA network provides access to quality jobleads and is a brilliant support group for new and established VAs.


Flying Solo

This fabulous community of like-minded solo and micro business owners is such a great resource for both new and established Australian businesses. It is home to countless articles, podcasts and eBooks on a whole range of topics. Flying Solo also organises regular meet-ups across the country, produces informative webinars, and has an active forum where other members are ready to answer all your business questions.


Bonus Resource

Our Useful Links page also lists a number of other notable industry organisations – be sure to take a look there too!


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Have you found these links helpful? What else would you add to this list?