[Update] What Happened When We Quit Social Media

Last year we made the bold decision to quit Social Media (mostly). Now, a year later, we analyse the fallout…

When we first announced that we were leaving the time vortex behind, the feedback was positive. There was an understanding from the community that the gains received from organic marketing no longer match the hard work expelled. Simple consistency doesn’t cut it, and the game has changed. Rather than posting for the sake of posting it was time to do something drastic.


So, What Happened?

Well, not a lot. We didn’t disappear completely and the world didn’t end. Was my skill-set diminished? No. Did I miss any business opportunities? Possibly. Did I gain more time in my business and for myself? Definitely. Energy and focus shifted to more direct revenue-driven activities. And the break from constantly being preoccupied with Social Media Marketing was welcomed.


Show Us The Facts

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Driving people to the website has always been the main aim of my marketing strategy, and the general website traffic continued its usual ebb and flow.


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Traffic continued to flow in from various Social Media channels. Pinterest offered the most footfall due to my evergreen content on there, but by far the most traffic came direct from search engine results.


What Next?

Despite scaling back our Social Media efforts dramatically over the past year (reducing our daily posts down to about one per fortnight), work continued to flow in and job leads have actually increased. And, quite frankly, it’s been a relief to not constantly have to think about it. I can see why people outsource these things!

Like any small business, we will continue focussing on providing a high quality of service. We will endeavour to work hard on giving our clients solutions and streamlining their operations. And we will continue to chase the elusive work-life balance.


Do you think you could quit Social Media? Would you want to?