we’ve come a long way baby!

A trip down memory lane.

Chatting to some girlfriends the other night, we got talking about how things have changed in the world of business. Yes, going right back to the dawn of time (or at least to the dawn of computers)…

I’m part of that first generation for whom PCs are the norm. In my house, we had our first computer from the early 90’s, just before the Internet was commercialised. I was in primary school at the time, and remember having to give commands to a monochrome green screen on the old MS-DOS. We printed on a dot matrix printer and backed-up to a floppy disk – my how things have changed!

And just like others might remember getting their first colour television, computers in full colour made it all so much more interesting. For me, they made way for more creative school projects; researched on Britannica CD-ROMs, typed up in WordArt and decorated with Clip Art. Plus who could forget all those awesome old school games like Duke Nukem and Commander Keen?

Then came the age of the World Wide Web, with its shared telephone lines and dial-up modems (remember the noise they made?!). It was common to have a separate scanner to your printer, and a second phone line was a privilege. Internet pages used to take a whole minute or more to load and blogs didn’t even exist.

Now, almost 20 years later, we’ve gone digital. Cloud technology has well and truly arrived, and smart phones are the new PDAs. We’re on the edge of so many emerging technologies, so who knows just where we’ll be in the future.

What I do know is, the computer is something that wasn’t always there, but has become such a part of the woven fabric of life that you can’t ever imagine having been without it.