what's in a name?

Today I ‘LinkedIn’ myself – a bit like Googling yourself, but for the professional.

My search came back with 312 results. I have a fairly common name, so 312 hits aren’t that many when you think about it (try searching for John Smith).

Maybe my name isn’t that common after all. Or maybe there just aren’t that many professional versions of myself. Either way, it’s interesting to see who is wandering around in the world passing themselves off under the same moniker as your own. And stranger still to see what these people look like.

I then ‘LinkedIn’ my business name, and theadminassistant was the only result. Awesome. The last thing you want to find is someone else with the same company name. (Admittedly this is something I had checked up on long before registering the business or buying a domain name… but it’s a good feeling all the same. No one wants a legal dispute.)

Finding a unique business name is hard, especially when you’re trying to encompass the same key words as everybody else in the industry. A great name gives your company an identity and sets the tone for your business.

I think the best approach it to try not to be a copycat, and keep things simple. Whatever you do, don't pick a name and change the spelling (think along the lines of AlyxZandyr - unique in this case is not good).

Go with something that will stand the test of time (after all, we’re in this for the long haul, right?). Once you think you’ve got a good one, mull it over for a while.

Don’t pick something that you will either have to explain or apologise for – that’s devaluing. And choose something that you’ll like saying aloud too. Try the baby name test by shouting it out loud while you’re driving – trust me, it works.