Why A Virtual Assistant Is Right For Your Business

Running a company can involve a lot more than your core business activities. You may have got into business for the love of carpentry, but a lot of your time can be taken up with administration, marketing, and customer liaison. Things that are necessary, but that you don’t necessarily enjoy.

This is where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in. Taking care of those overwhelming and frustrating tasks within your business allows you to refocus your energy on what you love.


So, why hire a VA over a traditional in-house assistant?

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant puts you in control of how much you spend on administrative services by eliminating overheads such as sick pay, annual leave, superannuation, office space, equipment and supplies.

With no paid downtime and no overheads, a Virtual Assistant can cost 60% less than hiring staff on payroll.

Not only that, it is a very flexible way to bring assistance into your business. You can choose what work they do, how much work they do, and the method of hire (per hour, per project, or on retainer).

And, as an added bonus, because a VA is also self-employed, they know what it takes to run a business themselves.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed within your business, and no longer doing the tasks you love, it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant. It’s an affordable way to draft in help, and in turn will make you more productive and less stressed.

Isn’t it time you invested in your business?


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