Why Your Professional Twitter Account Sucks

Customising your Twitter account is an integral part of your online branding, yet there are still businesses out there getting it wrong. Here’s why, and how to fix it.


1.    Name & Handle

Your name isn’t your own. And your handle isn’t even remotely close to your name or that of your company. And it has numbers in it. In fact, it’s something like @lovesunicorns92. Make it descriptive, sincere and real.


2.    Photo

Your profile picture is an egg. Or your dog. Or something unrecognisable altogether. First impressions count so a professional headshot best, or your company logo if appropriate.


3.    Bio

Your bio is an over-the-top sales pitch, full of spelling mistakes. Or worst of all, you don’t even have one. Use your 160 characters wisely. Make it relevant, include a link to your website and list a real location.


4.    Header

Your header image is too distracting, and quite frankly, of poor quality. A darker image will make your bio stand out. Forget the defaults though, and don’t be afraid to get creative.


5.    Background

Your background is the default ‘blue clouds’ image. Or amateurish. Or doesn’t tie in with your brand. Use this space to expand on what your business is all about. Your background is free, prime real estate – make the most of it.


Twitter is a great networking tool for connecting with customers, competitors and potential clients. It should be an essential part of your online marketing efforts, so getting your branding right is the first step in making the most of this microblogging platform.


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