Work Smarter, Not Harder

I want to share with you five of the biggest productivity tips that help to make me a smart and effective business owner. These are practical and useful tips that you can apply daily in your business to get more meaningful hours out of your day.


1. Know Thy Enemy

Defining productivity is the first step to understanding it. Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine or system in converting inputs into useful outputs. In layman's terms – getting more out of what you put in. Productivity is calculated by dividing the average output per period by the total costs incurred, or resources consumed, in that period. It is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.


2. Emails Will Always Derail You

A big time killer is emails. If you can avoid it, don't check them first thing. This is usually the most productive time of your day. Doing emails first thing can also hijack the rest of your day. Have set times to check them. Turn off your pop-ups and notifications. This will save at least 1 minute of productivity per email, as well as being less distracting. Create rules and pre-sort or filter recurring emails. Let your email program do the legwork. Use your inbox as a To Do list – only keep actionable items in there.


3. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Your calendar software is a great tool to help you be more productive. Built-in reminders can be much more reliable than your brain, and stop you from getting distracted trying to remember things. Make sure you use your diary to schedule in time to work, not just distractions (i.e. meetings). While you're at it, schedule breaks too. And employ apps to keep you on track too. There are lost of free options out there to get you started!


4. Exploit Techniques & Methods

Management systems like The Pomodoro Technique and Getting Things Done are a great way to handle your time. Use whatever method is best for you; it may be a combination of your own style. Get your big-ticket and/or least favourite items out of the way first thing in the morning. And try to eliminate multi-tasking – it doesn't work! If you have tasks that take longer to complete than your time is worth, outsource them. This will save you loads of time.




5. Beware Of External Influences

Mess creates stress, so keep your workspace tidy! Keep distracting noise to a minimum too if possible. Create a fresh, spacious & relaxed working environment. Colour, for example, can have a big impact on the work you do. Outside of work, try setting yourself a routine. If you need more hours in the day, get up earlier. Remember to eat well, exercise and relax!


If there still aren’t enough hours in your day, here’s how to successfully get more.